The Sun and the Moon

This band is all about raw emotion. The music is painful. The lyrics are heartbreaking. Cathartic. Listen to it before reading the rest of this short, almost meaningless post.

So he says “I’m sorry baby, you were the Sun and the Moon to me. I’ll never get over you, you’ll never get over me.”

There is a heaven right here. Why do we always want to leave heaven, always desiring death, always wanting to be exiled, kicked out into the world?

Sometimes I think that the world is in a constant state of a staged drama – everyone fulfilling their role, momentarily, and they ‘Exit Stage’ when it’s time. But who gets to decide? Sometimes we just have to improvise. I’m tired of following scripts. And I wish people would accept raw emotion. It doesn’t all have to be so staged.

So yes,  “I’m sorry baby, you were the Sun and Moon to me” but what is a life without the Sun and the Moon? A failed script. A drama that is too dramatic for a genuine life.

Give me drama, yes, but give me Genuine feelings. Give me actors and actresses who fall in love and forget the script. Give me Rebels. Give me people who will resurrect the Sun and the Moon.