Bahrain Visit

I recently planned a quick trip to Bahrain. It was anything but planned. I even missed my flight, and had to rebook in order to actually get there, because I promised my family that I would make it. Bahrain is a place I had never really thought about. Yet after visiting, I’ve realized that it is a wonderful place to live, and it has a certain atmosphere I haven’t experienced in a long time. It has a calmness about it, a certain tranquility, and you feel right at home. I was really lucky though. I met someone who was very welcoming, very genuine, and very kind to me. We instantly became friends. She showed me her country, took me to see all of the best places, the landmarks, the major tourist spots, and opened her heart to me, treating me like a lifelong friend, rather than a complete stranger. Her approach to me reminded me that there are still kind people out there, that there is still some goodness left in the world, and of course, of the hospitality of us Arabs! My friend took me for a traditional Bahraini breakfast, she insisted that I taste everything on the menu (and this really touched my heart), and made sure I was well taken care of throughout my very short visit. I had arrived to Bahrain with a heavy heart, as I was dealing with some issues, and found that sometimes, you just need to be reminded that good people still exist. Of course, Bahrain as a country did not disappoint, and the hotel was classy, elegant, and comfortable, the weather was great, and the food was mouthwatering. Perhaps I had a great tour guide- but either way, it is definitely worth checking out. Only fifty minutes away from Kuwait, and feels just like home!ImageImageImageThe Usual Oud fragrances- but with a Bahraini twist!