Conclusions on Life


  1. Money is really NOT the answer. My students have taught me that there is an endless joy in teaching and learning –especially when you are doing it because you want to. When I am teaching (and learning from them) I am almost always dancing on the inside.
  2. You never really forget your first love. Adolescent love, specifically, has an effect you will never find again. Discovering the world for the first time, discovering yourself in love, giving and receiving and growing in love –that is a sacred love that never comes around again. There are different types of love, never the same love twice, and we should accept this.
  3. Some people will never love you the way you expect them to. But you shouldn’t expect love. If it is not freely given, you should not pursue it. Never convince someone to love you. I learned this the hard way.
  4. Some people will insist that life is too depressing, that loss is unavoidable, and will continue to fear the darkness. You must avoid drowning in their pit of misery. Of course, we could attempt to help them, but there is a very fine line between saving someone and sacrificing yourself. Choose yourself. There is no shame in that.
  5. With loss comes a greater gain. You will not see it immediately, and don’t try to look for the silver lining. Silver linings shine –you can’t miss it.
  6. When I drive my car, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and gratefulness. I am grateful that I have functional legs, that my fingers can grip the steering wheel, and that my eyesight is not hindered. It is really the small things in life that we take for granted, as cliché as that sounds.
  7. Real friends will criticize you and yet still love you the same. Real friends will not be afraid to criticize you, but they will also give you an equal dosage of unconditional support. Embrace them. Appreciate that blessing. So many people have playmates, but have zero real friends.
  8. Good conversations are very rare. If you find someone you can speak to for hours, you’ve found yet another gift from the universe. Tell them you love speaking to them, even if you disagree on every other topic!
  9. Tune into the Universe. Listen. Stop rambling about everything that is wrong with your life, everything and everyone that hurt you, and how this world has disappointed you. You might be the greatest disappointment yet if you never listen.
  10. The body and soul are in fact one. The more we resist this notion, the higher the chances are we’ll never heal. Find a sense of wholeness in your body, no matter what it looks like, however it functions, its limitations and lacks. Seek a sense of wholeness in your soul. Close your eyes and breathe. You’re still breathing. You exist. How can you not be grateful for the chance to heal yourself emotionally and physically? In the end, it’s all about breathing.


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