I drove my car for an hour, I am not sure, time had become too confusing. I finally parked it, turned off the engine, as though I was turning off my thoughts. But your voice wouldn’t leave me alone. It was starting to kill me, the thoughts, and I couldn’t speak. You had taken my voice, and as I waited for you, waited to see you, to ask you to Return it, I was stunned by the sight of you walking out, walking as you always did, as though you stepped out of a Victorian novel. It was you, it was the same walk, the same sunglassss, the same bounce in your stride, the calmness that threatened to leave people breathless, it was you. 

But you didn’t recognize me, and the sight of you split me in two. Just like the moon, there you were, a full moon, and I was split in half- voiceless, wanting my voice back, my spirit, and you. 



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