Crowds of people swarming in front of me. They all went to pray. I found my way to you, with my blurry vision, with shaking hands, I drove to you. It felt like driving all night long. Time with you is different altogether. I can’t tell my days anymore. I don’t understand how the clock works. I have lost basic skills. But once I arrived, the ritual started. It was a different prayer. There was soul, there was heat, there was meaning in the way there was a world within you. I bowed my head, silently. I had to take a moment. To take you in. That moment wouldn’t change. It seemed time had stopped, I bowed my head and never got back up.

There was a mark on me. I found it the next morning. The taste of love is bloody and bitter. There is a heaviness in my chest that won’t leave me alone. I should have asked you to stay, but I was afraid of the answer.

I walked out. I don’t know if I will find my way back home.

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