Charisma. Not everyone has it. Some lose it. Some strive for it. But when I saw you that day, I wondered whether the term was created for you. I stood gazing at the way your eyes lit with fire- were you a fire sign? You spoke, and I was tongue-tied, no, no cat caught my tongue. I wasn’t sure how much I should say, whether I could give it all away.  They say you have to play by the rules of the game. Everyone I have ever loved has always played the game, and left eventually. We are all players in this game. But I have decided to sit on the bench, and refused to take part. 

Until we crossed paths. I think you are walking a different road, with someone else. But perhaps you should know that your effect was inexpressible. I want to be able to hold charisma, but it is such an abstract term. All I know is that it shook me up. So here’s to chance: a sudden meeting, an encounter that left a lingering effect. 

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