Some people remain more honest than others. They have a conscience, and they are more genuine than others. I know somebody who has a passion for life. And she is entirely devoted to her job, and not in an obsessive way, but in an admirable way. I watch her and I am constantly amazed by how she always goes that extra mile. And she claims she is always a student, always learning, always evolving. She never once claims to know how to do things, or that there is one right way of doing things, or that she knows more than you. There is a humbleness that she carries which is not immediately obvious. People like that are the type you can be yourself around, the type you can admire without feeling inferior, the type you can reach out to and still feel whole.

I admire this woman because life hasn’t beaten her down, and because passion has not died within her – she is always flirting with life. There is depth there that I don’t find in a lot of people. There is a strength that does not scream “I am.” There is an appreciation of life that is not sickeningly optimistic. It just is. In depth, there is simplicity. The equation does not require mastery, it does not call attention to itself, but rather it lays there, not expecting an answer, not desiring a formula. There is beauty in simplicity, in just being.

And that’s all for now.

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